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Can I get injured in an office?

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2020 | Workplace Injuries |

When somebody mentions “dangerous workplaces,” it is unlikely that most people are going to envision an office environment. Rather, it is well known that injuries are common on construction sites and logging environments.

However, even if an office is generally safer than a construction site, there are still many ways to sustain injury. In fact, according to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, you are more likely to suffer an injury in a fall while working in an office environment as compared to working in a non-office environment.

Why are falls so common?

Office workplaces are rife with tripping hazards. Many people end up falling and injuring themselves due to an extension cord carelessly strung across a hallway. Another main cause of fall injuries are people leaving file drawers open and then tripping.

Additionally, it is quite common for office workers to try and save some time and stand on a chair to reach high objects rather than go and retrieve a stepladder. Particularly if the chairs have wheels, this may result in injury.

What other sorts of injuries are common in offices?

While there is less lifting going on in an office environment as compared to a warehouse environment, lifting injuries are very common. Particularly for workers who are older, it is possible to sustain a serious back injury from picking up something as innocuous as a box of computer paper.

To stay safe, it is imperative to maintain awareness of your surroundings so that you can recognize tripping hazards. Also, if you need to lift anything in your office, make sure to use proper lifting technique and lift from the legs and not the back.