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How does electricity make your workplace dangerous?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | Workplace Injuries |

Most if not all Nebraska employees work at a place with electricity. This means there is the chance of electric shock or injury. Some may find it surprising that electric shock can happen anywhere with electricity. But you do not need to be working with high voltage to risk a shock.

So how does electricity make your workplace dangerous? What are the biggest sources of these dangers? How do you avoid them? Today we will look at the answers to these questions.

The dangers of electrical outlets

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration looks at electrical safety at work. They state that anything running on electricity has the potential to cause damage. Some workers have a mistaken belief that only high voltage electricity can hurt you. But any electrical socket, outlet or plug can do that.

In fact, workers may find the number of electric risks at work surprising. Everything powered by electricity poses a risk. This includes projectors in a teacher’s room. It includes a lamp at a banking office. It includes the coffee grinder at a cafe. Anything plugged into a wall or powered by a generator counts. Electric dangers exist all around us.

Limiting your chances of being electrocuted

They also discuss some ways to limit your chance of electrocution. For example, never touch an overhead wire even when insulated or “down”. Never repair electrical equipment or cords unless you know what you are doing. Always have an electrician check electric equipment that got wet before you use it again. Never stand in water when operating anything electric. Check that electric equipment is safe to use in damp environments.