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Why do falls happen in construction so often?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2020 | Construction Accidents |

Nebraska construction workers like you face fall risks every day. You may not even know how many close encounters you have. But construction has one of the highest rates of fall incidents. Beyond that, it also has a staggering number of fall-related fatalities. 

Why does this happen? What is it that makes construction workers like you at such high risk for falling? And is there anything you can do to prevent this from happening? 

Fall incidents in construction

The National Safety Council looks into falls in construction. In 2016, 48,060 people got injured in falls. 24,700 of those injuries happened in construction related fields. 384 deaths occurred within the field, too. This means construction is the field with the highest number of fall incidents. 

Primary causes of falls

Unfortunately, studies show that most if not all falls were preventable. You face more risks than the average worker. This means that you need tighter safety protocol and more monitoring than most workers. But this does not always happen. Some of the most common reasons for falls include: 

  • The use of outdated or broken equipment 
  • Employers not training employees properly in equipment use 
  • A lack of focus on safety procedures 
  • Employers forcing employees to rush through jobs 

In the industry, it is not uncommon for employers to cut corners and costs. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of your personal safety. You should not use outdated equipment. You should have the safety tools you need. You should follow regulations and protocol. If your work environment does not prioritize safety, this can lead to falls. You may want to call in experts to examine the situation.