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3 tips for maintaining your hard hat

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2020 | Construction Accidents |

If you work in construction, meatpacking, road repair or fulfillment, a good hard hat is essential. Therefore, before starting work, you should be sure you have donned all the personal protective gear necessary to stay safe. 

Once you choose the right hard hat for your line of work, you must take steps to keep it in excellent shape. After all, with regular care, your hard hat should last up to five years. Here are three effective ways for maintaining your headgear. 

1. Keep the hat clean

Your hard hat can become a mess quickly, especially if you work in a hot or dirty place. Accordingly, you should check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning guidelines. Washing the inside and outside of the hat with warm and mildly soapy water usually does the trick. 

2. Make no modifications

Drilling ventilation holes into your hard hat may seem like a brilliant idea. Or, you may want to add a sticker or decal to show off your personality. You should never modify your hard hat, though. 

Your headgear likely underwent strenuous testing to earn its safety rating. Anything you do to modify the hard hat may render it ineffective. 

3. Inspect your headgear

If you sustain a blow to your head, you should probably replace your hard hat immediately. Nevertheless, hard hat damage may not be so obvious. Put simply, tiny cracks and other damage can render your protective headgear ineffective. 

Occasionally, you should inspect your hard hat for signs of damage. To do so, take your gear into a brightly lit area. Then, look closely at the interior and exterior of the hat. If your inspection reveals signs of damage, replace your hat before returning to work.