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What dangers lurk in the meatpacking industry?

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

Some professions have more inherent risks associated with the work. The meatpacking industry is one such risky job.

The conditions and safety concerns may provide more of an opportunity for a work injury. Nebraska’s workers’ compensation laws require qualifying employers to provide benefits to injured employees. At a meatpacking plant, the rate of injury occurs more frequently. Become familiar with some of the most common ways meatpacking workers find themselves hurt.


The equipment used in a meat processing plant varies from handheld to heavy. Some of the most devastating injuries come from lacerations from the use of saws and sharp blades. Crush injuries from heavy machinery are also a definite hazard, especially if safety precautions do not get met by drivers.

Chemicals and body fluids

packers must utilize strong inhalant chemicals, such as ammonia, to clean and sterilize meat. Repeated exposure to chemicals may prove dangerous for the lungs, eyes and skin. To complicate matters, workers also must take extra measures to protect themselves from bacteria in animal blood and feces.


The work required to process and pack fresh meat is messy. Tables, platforms and floors often become saturated, making them ideal for slips and falls. If a worker slips and falls while holding a cutting implement, the result may become fatal. Musculoskeletal injuries are often the result of falls on the meat processing floor.

Staying safe while earning money is the primary goal of all workers. For those employed in the meatpacking profession, remaining diligent about safety measures is the first line of defense against an injury.