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How can improperly built scaffolding harm workers?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2021 | blog, Construction Accidents |

A rickety work platform can easily come crashing to the ground without any warning.

Using proper building techniques for scaffolding is important for anyone in a construction crew. These elevated platforms can break down and cause serious injuries if workers are not careful.

Missing railings or steps

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, uninstalled or improperly installed guardrails can lead to falls. Workers who need something to grab onto for balance can easily slip and fall onto their head or spine with no railing.

Uneven or missing steps can also lead to falls, which is especially dangerous for higher platforms. Even one board that is not fastened down can lead to the collapse of the entire scaffolding.

Loose materials

If a piece of wood or other material is loose, then it could easily fall onto someone’s head if knocked over a ledge. Falling objects can cause serious brain trauma and broken legs or arms.

Using safety tape or signs to warn people around the area may help prevent such injuries. However, since you never know when a piece of scaffolding could fall, it is tough to predict before an accident happens.

Unfinished electrical wiring

Getting shocked by open wires may happen when a structure is poorly built. With no planning or safety procedures, these bad construction choices can leave workers in danger of a life-threatening electrical shock as they go about their day.

Securing the wires and braces of a structure can mean the difference between a serious injury or a safe working environment. Scaffolding can be a dangerous place to work and knowing why shoddy workmanship can harm you is important.