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What are the biggest safety hazards in manufacturing?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2021 | Construction Accidents, Industrial Workers' Accidents, injuries, workers' compensation |

A variety of manufacturing outfits help to keep the economy of Omaha strong. However, working in manufacturing involves some inherent hazards that can put you at risk for injury.

Your employer has a responsibility to manage these risks to make your workplace as safe as possible. Learning about the inherent hazards in manufacturing can help you to keep yourself safe. Industrial Safety and Hygiene News describes some common hazards that you may encounter in your manufacturing job.

Dangerous chemicals

Chemicals such as battery acid, caustic cleaning solutions and flammable substances are crucial to many manufacturing processes. However, if these chemicals come in contact with your skin or eyes, or if you breathe them in, they could cause injury or illness. Your employer should train you not only to handle these chemicals safely but also what you should do in case of a spill or accidental exposure.

Confined spaces

As a manufacturing worker, it is sometimes necessary for you to work in confined spaces. However, these areas pose a risk for oxygen depletion. If you work in pairs with a partner removed from the danger, he or she can request help quickly or assist you if you start to suffocate while in a confined space.

Heavy machinery

Because heavy machinery in manufacturing typically handles metal, plastic, wood and other hard materials, it can have a devastating effect on human flesh. You should never operate heavy machinery unless you have received specific training and certification on it. Your employer should make sure that there are proper safety guards on heavy machinery.

Other hazards you may encounter in manufacturing include the risk of fires and slip-and-fall accidents. These hazards have the potential to cause serious injury, but they are also common in workplaces other than manufacturing.