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What makes me eligible for workers’ compensation benefits?

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2021 | workers' compensation |

Workers’ compensation benefits come from insurance your employer carries. If your employer does not have the insurance, you cannot get benefits. However, most employers will carry it.

You would be eligible as long as you meet the basic requirements to make a claim. According to the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court, you must suffer an illness or injury due to your job or during the course of your job to get benefits.

State of injury and illness

Perhaps the most debated part of your claim for benefits will be the medical condition you have. You must be able to show it happened at work or during the course of your work. You cannot make a claim for an injury that does not happen in the course of your job.

In addition, you cannot have made the injury or illness occur due to negligence. If you were doing something against a policy that led to your accident, then you may not qualify for benefits.

Other requirements

Workers’ compensation claims must also abide by the statute of limitation laws. This is a time limit for filing your claim. It is the best idea to file a claim as soon as possible, especially for an illness you may acquire on the job. You do not want to miss a deadline as it could void your claim and make it so you cannot collect any benefits.

You must also complete the right forms and ensure you get all the information required turned in. You will usually provide this to your employer who will then give it to the insurer, but the insurer may also request additional information. Always respond and provide anything the insurer requests. If you do not it could delay or void your claim.

Workers’ compensation benefits can be helpful when you have a work accident or suffer an illness due to your working conditions. Benefits also pay out if your loved one dies while on the job.