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Teachers and work-related injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2021 | blog, Workplace Injuries |

If you work in education, you likely have a number of stressors to deal with on a daily basis. From managing difficult students to preparing for class, teachers have a lot on their plates. Although teaching is somewhat safe in comparison to other fields (such as construction) from a physical point of view, teachers also face the risk of sustaining an injury while performing their job duties.

In fact, teachers across the country sustain injuries every year.

Recognizing risks that teachers face in the workplace

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics outlines some of the work-related accident risks that teachers face. For example, many of the injuries and even deaths that affect teachers involve transportation (such as a bus accident that occurs during a field trip). Moreover, some teachers sustain injuries after slipping or falling down while working, which can occur when a teacher is trying to deal with a hectic classroom.

In fact, some teachers sustain injuries as a result of violence. Sadly, some educators become hurt after a student hits, shoves or kicks them. Moreover, some teachers develop serious illnesses as a result of contact with sick students.

Statistics on teachers and work-related injuries

The BLS reports that during 2014, more than 36,500 teachers suffered job-related injuries and illnesses that cause them to miss work. These injuries can prevent them from working, leading to financial hardships, and causing other challenges (including physical pain and emotional hurdles).

If you are unsure of what to do after sustaining an on-the-job injury, you need to look over your options, such as the possibility of workers’ comp benefits.