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Which employees are entitled to workers’ compensation?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | blog, workers' compensation |

Each state has its own laws regarding workers’ compensation benefits. According to Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court, many workers in the state must receive benefits if they are eligible according to the law.

Compensation covers medical costs, but it can also make up for lost wages until you are ready to return to work. Read on for more crucial information on your rights as a worker.

Who can receive workers’ compensation benefits?

The vast majority of workers in the state receive coverage through workers’ compensation laws. The law applies to every employer who staffs one or more employees. Coverage applies to all industries, including governmental agencies, but also private employers. Additionally, people who work part-time, underage workers, and employees at non-profits also receive coverage.

Are there exemptions to the law?

Certain people are exempt from these laws, meaning they cannot seek compensation after an injury. They include self-employed individuals and independent contractors. Federal workers are also exempt, as are people employed by rail companies or rail yards, as well as unpaid volunteers. Some executive officers of corporations are also exempt, based on how many shares of the company they own.

Which injured workers receive compensation?

Where and how the injury took place is a major consideration. In order to receive compensation, the worker must have incurred an injury at work or while in the process of performing work tasks. This incident must have occurred in Nebraska or must have worked principally in the state at the time of the injury. The injury must not have resulted from negligence on the part of the worker. Work must fall into the scope of standard job tasks for the employer.

Workers’ compensation laws are often complex. Understanding these laws is crucial to pursue the compensation necessary to recover from your injuries and get back to your life.