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Statistics on flight attendants and work-related injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2022 | workers' compensation, Workplace Accident, Workplace Injuries |

If you work as a flight attendant, you could have to deal with various challenges on a regular basis. From passengers refusing to respect you to difficult shifts, poor sleep and emergency scenarios, this occupation comes with a number of difficulties. Unfortunately, some flight attendants sustain injuries while performing their job duties.

As a flight attendant, a work-related injury could create many hardships in your daily life and prevent you from working. Financial challenges, physical pain and mental trauma can arise in the wake of an on-the-job accident.

Data on nonfatal injuries involving flight attendants

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics published data on nonfatal work-related injuries affecting flight attendants. During 2019, nonfatal injuries and illnesses caused 4,980 flight attendants to miss work. To look at this data another way, 517 out of every 10,000 full-time flight attendants had to miss work because of injuries and illnesses they suffered in the workplace.

Flight attendants and occupational risks

The BLS outlines some of the occupational risks that flight attendants have to deal with. Many flight attendants suffer injuries as a result of overexertion, as well as transportation-related accidents, falls, harmful substances and contact with equipment. Some flight attendants suffer injuries as a result of violence.

If you are trying to move forward following a work-related accident, you need to focus on your physical recovery and take a close look at resources that could help you move forward. Some injured workers can secure workers’ compensation benefits, which assist with different aspects of the recovery process, such as covering medical costs and training for work in a different field.