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How can you cope with back pain?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2022 | Workplace Injuries |

One of the significant consequences of workplace injuries is back pain. Most Americans, according to WebMD, suffer from some form of back pain. Prolonged sitting, while working an office job, for example, often contributes to back pain.

Of course, other sources of back pain include workplace accidents such as falls from great heights or collisions with equipment. If you suffer from chronic pain from a workplace injury, there may be remedies to help you cope with it.

Keep moving your body

Keep in mind that your physician’s opinion always wins when it comes to moving. Some injuries may require bed rest and less physical activity. However, certain types of injuries and chronic back pain, such as those associated with sitting at a desk, standing at a cash register or working in awkward positions, may improve when you walk around and avoid bed rest.

Learn to maintain good posture

Good posture is essential to managing back pain and discomfort. When you sit, use cushioned chairs because hard seats do not support your back and can stop you from sitting up straight. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart when standing and regularly shift your weight from one foot to the other. Your arms should hang naturally at the side of your body.

Posture also matters when you sleep. The ideal position is on your back or your side. For less hip pain, consider positioning a pillow between the legs.

Work-related stress or tension can contribute to back pain. It can help to add massage, yoga and meditation to your regular treatments for back pain.