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Can you return to work after a TBI?

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2022 | blog, Construction Accidents |

Despite suffering a traumatic brain injury in Nebraska, you may have a strong desire to return to work. However, the uncertainty you feel as a result of your condition might rattle your confidence.

Your recovery and the process whereby you return to work will look different depending on the severity of your injury. Even so, working after a TBI is something a lot of people have successfully accomplished and you can too.

Prioritize your health

TBIs can take a long time to recover from. In many cases, victims do not fully recover and may continue to deal with symptoms for the remainder of their lives. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, your health becomes more fragile after experiencing a TBI, especially if you do not receive adequate treatment at the beginning.

Even if you begin feeling better, stay mindful of your health. Monitor your progress and work closely with your health care team to gain a clear understanding of which milestones you need to complete before returning to the workplace. Following their instructions and prioritizing your health and recovery may reduce the time it takes for you to start working again.

Embrace the support

Anytime you experience a jarring situation in your life, having the support of people you trust can make a powerful difference in your ability to adapt. Your support team could consist of medical professionals, your legal team, your family and friends, and even your employer. Involve people you care about in helping you set and reach your goals.

In working with your employer, you may learn of options such as a return-to-work program. An RTW strategy may give you the incentive to start working again, while also providing reassurance that you will have what you need to perform your job.

With enough focus placed on your recovery and with a solid support system, you may continue to enjoy a successful career despite your TBI.