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One-third of injured workers have no employer health insurance

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Workplace Injuries |

When workers suffer injuries on the job, there may be a period when it is unclear who will pay for the medical bills that result. In these cases, the worker’s health insurance may pay for treatment while the worker waits for a decision on a workers’ compensation or personal injury case.

However, a recent study found that one-third of injured workers do not have any employer-provided health coverage.

Study results

According to a recent study, not only do more than one out of three injured workers not have employer-provided health insurance, but workers in the most dangerous occupations are the least likely to have employer-provided insurance and tend to earn below-average salaries. Workers in the farming, forestry and fishing industries suffer some of the highest rates of workplace injuries, but only 36.7% of employees have employer-provided health insurance. At 70%, these industries also have the second-lowest rate of employees with any kind of health insurance.

Implications for Nebraska workers

At 5.4%, Nebraska has the fifth most residents employed in dangerous jobs with the ethanol, cattle and corn production industries being the largest providers of dangerous jobs in the state. It is particularly important for Nebraska workers who do not have health insurance to explore compensation options through workers’ compensation programs or personal injury lawsuits when they suffer injuries on the job.

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault program that provides coverage for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages that result from workplace injuries. Additionally, if a third-party, such as an equipment manufacturer, is at fault for an accident, workers may be able to pursue compensation from that party.