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Employers must take responsibility for warehouse employee safety

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2022 | Workplace Accident |

Employees in a warehouse have the right to work in a safe environment and to have the reassurance that the employer has taken all necessary precautions to keep the staff free from injury. While accidents can and do happen, the employer must take reasonable steps to avoid accidents, including slips and falls.

According to OSHA, slip and fall accidents result in significant workplace injuries.

How can employers maintain a safe environment for employees?

The employer must take reasonable steps to create a safe environment. This includes the following:

  • Ensuring employees who work on an edge with a fall of four feet or more have fall protection
  • Inspecting ladders for any defects that could result in malfunction or falling
  • Keeping floors clean of spills, cords, clutter and other tripping hazards

The employer must know which areas might become wet or slippery due to snow, ice or other liquids. Floors may require drainage or rubber mats.

What obligations do the employees have?

Employees must go through the safety training provided by the employer. If there are falling hazards, each employee must understand the hazard and how to use fall arrest systems and ladder safety systems. If an employer notices that employees do not have a general understanding of the safety systems, the employees must go through training again. The employee is responsible for everything he or she learned in training to remain safe.

If the employer fails to train employees to stay safe while working in the warehouse, slip and fall accidents could be the employer’s fault.