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How can employers prevent fall injuries on construction sites?

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Construction Accidents |

In the construction industry, falls are the leading cause of accidental deaths. In 2020, there were about 350 fatal falls compared to the 1,000 fatal construction accidents. On a job site, you have every right to expect safety. The project manager or employer must take necessary precautions to encourage worker safety and limit accidents.

If your employer does not take the necessary precautions and you become injured, the employer may be liable for your injuries.

Employers should require the correct equipment for every job

If people work at least six feet above the lower levels of a project, those workers need extra protection. Falls from that height can result in severe injuries and death. There should be fall protection and inspected equipment on site. Workers must use the proper ladders, safety gear and scaffolds for the job.

Employers should ensure all employees have adequate training

The employer must make sure all employees have thorough training. Employees require training in each piece of equipment needed for a specific job. They should understand the safety precautions necessary for the equipment and also understand how to set up the equipment.

Employers should plan the job thoroughly

Project managers should plan every job necessary at various heights. They should list the types of safety gear and equipment necessary for the job. It is better to plan for any possible hazards that could occur. Even hazards with a small chance of occurring should have safety precautions.

Supervisors should watch employees to ensure everyone takes appropriate precautions to prevent a high-risk environment.