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What are common causes of back injury in work?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2023 | Workplace Injuries |

Back injuries are the most prevalent reason for workers missing work across the entire globe. Though these injuries are common, that does not mean they are simple and easy to deal with.

Understanding the top causes behind back injuries is a good way of ensuring that workers can stay safer in a work environment.

Poor lifting techniques

SafeStart discusses some of the common causes associated with back injuries at work. Poor lifting techniques are among the top causes.

When lifting something heavy, a person should tighten their core and lift with their legs. They should hold the object close and maintain the natural curve of the back.

Rotating reminders can help keep workers focusing on their technique without the message getting repetitive and easy to tune out.

Lack of adequate training

Safety training will often teach people how to lift things properly, but unfortunately, these training sessions often do not happen enough. Many workers just go through one training session on safety, if that.

A full and comprehensive training course should automatically accompany the onboarding process for every new employee.

Rushing through a job

Long delays or tight deadlines can sometimes spur workers into feeling frustrated and rushed, which may result in them attempting to rush through heavy-lifting jobs.

Unfortunately, this is a top way to injure the back. Proper lifting technique relies on slow and measured movements, which cannot happen when an employee is rushing.

In keeping these potential sources of injury in mind, a workplace can drastically reduce the injuries that they see on the job.