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Workplace injuries are everyones concern

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2016 | Workplace Injuries |

As thanksgiving approaches, those working in poultry will be doing more than usual to meet the holiday rush. Turkeys may be flying through the processing plant, but there are some risks if workers don’t get the rest they need.

How can workers be protected? It starts with providing management support. Management teams need to understand the importance of safety and health protocols on the job. They should be committing resources to ergonomic processes and incorporating safety and health concerns into improvements to help workers.

Workers should also be involved in their own safety. Workers should be informed about safe and effective workplace practices. They should understand ergonomic practices and be trained to perform the duties they have without straining themselves. The management should want feedback from employees to help them understand how the workplace makes employees feel and if there are improvements that can be made.

After this, training becomes vital. All employees need to receive training on ergonomic issues, so they can understand the potential for repetitive-strain injuries and how to prevent them. They should know how to use all equipment, tools and controls safely. They need to have information on how to report early-stage injuries and how to identify when there are ergonomic risk factors in the workplace.

To keep everyone safe during a busy holiday season, identifying risk factors and implementing a surveillance system can help. Employers should regularly review reports of injuries or hazards in the workplace and do what they can to prevent them from happening in the future. With everyone working together, injuries can be prevented, but if one does happen, reporting it and obtaining workers’ compensation is the next step. An attorney can help with the application process. Our website has more information about workers’ compensation and what to do if you’ve been injured.