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What are my rights as an injured truck driver?

Although they spend most of their time at work behind the wheel of a truck, Nebraska truck drivers face exposure to the risk of injuries, whether it is through repetitive stress or an accident. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, truckers are prone to injuries that include anything from strains to broken bones.

What rights do workers have under Nebraska workers' compensation?

Workers are covered by workers' compensation in Nebraska as long as they are employees of a business in most cases. There are some exceptions, like those who are railroad employees, volunteers, independent contractors or federal employees. Household domestic servants and some employees who work in agricultural operations are also covered as long as their employers opted into workers' compensation policies.

Man dies, second injured due to odd chemical smell at plant

When you work with chemicals, it's important that you understand the mixtures and what you can and can't use together. A failure to understand the chemicals and what they react to can lead to serious harm or death of yourself or others around you from fumes, explosions or other hazards.

Who qualifies for workers' compensation in Nebraska?

Workers' compensation provides benefits to those who have been hurt or suffer an illness due to their jobs. There is only one catch in Nebraska; if the employee was being willfully negligent, then workers' compensation may not be awarded. That means that you can't have intended to get hurt; if you tried to get hurt or were doing something against your company policy knowing that it could cause you harm, then you're less likely to get your claim approved.

Electrocution is a serious risk for construction workers

Working with electricity can be dangerous, which is why those who are near or exposed to it frequently should always be using safety procedures to prevent an electric shock. A shock from a high voltage level can lead to serious burns, injuries and death, so taking precautions is necessary.

Working out workers' compensation claims in Omaha

When you need to make a claim for a work-related injury, it's important that it's handled swiftly and appropriately. The employer has a responsibility to provide a safe place to work for all employees, and when an employee is hurt, a First Report of Injury form should be completed and forwarded immediately to the workers' compensation company.

Some workplace injuries justify civil claims against employers

Are you suffering the consequences of on-the-job injuries that resulted from unsafe conditions in your workplace? You may want to hold your employer liable, but you cannot file a legal claim against your boss -- except under certain circumstances. According to the workers' compensation system, employers provide insurance coverage, and, in exchange, employees are not legally allowed to sue their employers if they are injured -- regardless of whose fault caused the injury.