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What could workers' comp cover for you?

Accidents that take place at work can frighten many individuals. Unfortunately, such incidents often result in workers suffering injuries, and injured workers may not have the ability to immediately return to work. As a result, they could face financial hardships. If a serious injury affected you after involvement in a work-related accident, you may qualify for workers' compensation.

Hurt working at a slaughterhouse? You have options

The meat industry is a dangerous one in which to work. Slaughterhouses use sharp objects, conveyor belts and large machinery that can easily cause amputations, lacerations and deaths. Many employees have been affected by the dangers of meat slaughterhouses; many suffer injuries or are killed in preventable circumstances. A list of accident reports from 2001 released by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) includes incidents involving hospitalizations for lacerations from flying blades, eye injuries from hanging hooks, burning incidents, deaths from chemical spills and other serious accidents.

Partners speak at Annual State AFL-CIO Legislative Conference

The Law Firm has decades of experience proudly representing organized labor. On February 7, 2017 the partners, Mike Dowd, Tim Dowd, John Corrigan and Steve Howard again addressed the annual State AFL-CIO Legislative Conference in Lincoln. Hundreds of hard working and dedicated Union Members were in attendance. The discussion included a review of pending legislation in the Unicameral and an overview of all workers' rights under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act. This education is delivered as a public service the Law Firm is available to present to upon request.

Worker dies on job, state will investigate the electrical fire

When a worker is injured or killed in the workplace, it's normal for the state Occupational Safety and Health Administration to investigate. It's important for the agency to look into the incident to determine if workers have been trained correctly and to make sure employers are abiding by state regulations and laws.

You can seek workers' compensation for an industrial injury

Working in a meat processing plant or slaughterhouse exposes you to a number of hazards. The jobs are dangerous and can result in musculoskeletal disorders thanks to days filled with repetitive motions. Americans each eat around 200 pounds of meat a year on average, so it's safe to say that this industry does require a significant amount of work. The industry is fast-paced and dangerous, even for healthy, fit individuals.

Can Social Security Disability be affected by other payments?

If you are on disability and receive benefits, one of the things you might want to know about is how workers' compensation and other disability payments can affect your Social Security benefits. Fortunately, disability payments that come from private pensions or insurance companies don't affect your Social Security Disability benefits, so you will see no changes in the payout you receive.