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4 issues that could increase your risk of work injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2017 | blog |

Many individuals feel lucky when they finish up their work day and can go home to their families. For those parties like you who may work in particularly risky professions, such as construction or truck driving, that feeling of relief may sometimes prove overwhelming. The idea of suffering serious injuries on the job due to an accident could cause anyone to feel additional stress when it comes to performing work duties.

Of course, you certainly want to ensure that you do your best to prevent any unnecessary accidents, and your employer should also take the appropriate measures to ensure your safety. Therefore, you may want to avoid certain actions that could increase your risk of potentially suffering a workplace injury.

Taking shortcuts

Though some days everyone would like to finish up their work more quickly, not completing a task in the proper manner could prove risky. Taking shortcuts in hopes of lessening the amount of time it takes to finish your duties could result in the leaving out of a critical step or safety measure. As a result, you could suffer injuries, and in the end, a shortcut may cause more problems than simply doing the task as required.

Feeling immune to injury

Some people often adopt the attitude that they could never suffer injuries at work. However, this overconfidence itself could put those parties at risk. Because they do not consider their own safety an issue, they could take unnecessary risks or put co-workers at risk, and an accident could easily take place.

Poorly maintained work area

The conditions of your work area can also play a role in the likelihood of your suffering an injury at work. If you or other workers do not maintain an orderly work space, safety hazards could present themselves. You could trip and fall over materials, or expose yourself to other safety risks like having certain chemicals too close to one another or other materials that should not mix.

Lack of safety measures

Your employer has a duty to ensure your safety on the job. Therefore, he or she should provide the necessary equipment and training that allows you and other workers to carry out your tasks in a safe manner. If you lack safety equipment or other measures, serious injuries could easily occur.

If you have suffered a serious injury on the job due to an accident, you may have cause to seek workers’ compensation. In order to determine whether the circumstances of the event may qualify you for benefits, you may wish to discuss your situation with a knowledgeable Nebraska attorney.