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Man killed in tragic workplace accident in Nebraska

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2018 | Workplace Accident |

Workplace accidents can be extremely serious, and even if the workplace itself isn’t particularly hazardous, one item out of place or one worker’s mistake could result in serious injuries or death.

When that happens, it’s normal to see an investigation take place at the place of the person’s employment. Investigations don’t always show that there are violations of safety protocols or regulations at a workplace, but they can help identify ways for businesses to keep their employees safer in the future.

Take, for example, this case that occurred in Nebraska. A man in Hoskins was killed on April 16 following a serious workplace accident in Norfolk. The 60-year-old man was working at the Vulcraft Nebraska joist and decking plant when the incident took place.

No information about the cause of the accident has been released, but an investigation is ongoing through the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. The facility has suspended its operations and agreed to work with local, state and federal agencies while the investigation is ongoing. The company is known for creating composite floor joists, roof deck and floor deck. It also makes joist girders and joists. Presently, approximately 400 people are employed at the plant.

After a loved one is killed in an accident, it’s your right to pursue a workers’ compensation claim to cover funeral expenses and other losses. Any injury or death in a workplace is a tragedy and should be addressed. As a family member of someone who was killed, you have rights that you should exercise, so you can focus on grieving and supporting the people you love during this trying time.

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