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Power tools are a danger if they’re not handled properly

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2018 | Construction Accidents |

Power tools are more dangerous than you may believe. While you think of them has helpful, not harmful, even something as simple as a powered screwdriver can lead to injuries.

Common construction accidents that happen because of power tools include electrocution, broken bones, amputations, lacerations, cuts and abrasions. How do these accidents happen? Here’s a few reasons power tool accidents occur.

1. Workers touch dangerous parts

The moving, drilling and grinding components of power tools are particularly dangerous. They are moving quickly and can cause burns or cuts easily. If your hair or clothing gets caught in a moving object, then it could get tangled and cause significant pain or worse.

2. Falling tools become a danger on the job

Another risk to workers is if the tools fall from above. Some tools may be used on scaffolding. If that’s the case, make sure you tie them down to prevent them from falling. A falling tool is heavy enough to cause serious head injuries or wounds to other body parts they impact.

3. Improper grounding is a risk to workers

No matter what kind of tool you use, proper grounding is a necessity. If the tool isn’t property grounded, then there is the potential for it to electrocute workers. Prevent this by wearing safety gloves designed for working with electrical devices, just in case the device is not grounded correctly.

With good safety techniques on the job, most of these injuries are preventable. If you get hurt, though, remember that you do have a right to pursue a claim for compensation while you recover.