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Know the electrical hazards at your worksite to improve safety

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2019 | Construction Accidents |

Of all the construction accidents that Omaha workers experience, those involving electricity are often the most surprising. This is because construction workers remain on the lookout for more typical hazards such as falling or being struck by an object. As such, electrical accident risks go overlooked in many cases.

If you work in the Nebraska construction industry, gaining even a basic understanding of electrical hazards might just save your life. Below you will find a brief outline of common construction accidents involving electricity.

Exposed electrical parts: In the course of your work day, it is likely that you will encounter exposed parts, which can cause minor or severe injuries. Examples of exposed parts include power distribution units and temporary lighting setups.

Wet working conditions: As you know, water and electricity do not mix. Operating electrical tools and equipment in wet conditions can lead to serious construction accidents and injuries.

Overhead power lines: It is easy to forget about live power lines hanging or dangling overhead. If your body or any equipment you are operating makes contact with the line, severe burn injuries or electrocution may occur.

Other electrical hazards: Additional construction accident hazards involving electricity include improper grounding of tools or equipment, poor wiring, damaged equipment or tools and overloaded circuitry. All of these hazards and many others can result in catastrophic injury and costly medical expenses.

Electrical construction accidents sometimes result in only minor injuries. However, severe shocks or burns typically require extensive medical treatment. Avoid electrical hazards whenever possible, but if you do fall victim to an injury, compensation may be available. An attorney experienced with workers’ compensation claims can help you get the compensation you need to make a full recovery.