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Life-saving first aid after a work related amuptation

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2019 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

Industrial work settings pose many accident risks to Omaha employees. One of the worst examples of industrial workers’ accidents involves losing an arm, leg or another body part to dismemberment or amputation. These extreme injuries typically impact victims for months, years or even lifetimes. Such injuries can also result in death without the proper first aid in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

You may feel secure in the knowledge that workers’ compensation will help you cope financially after industrial workers’ accidents occur. However, you also deserve the best chance of making a full recovery if you lose a limb while working. The actions your co-workers take immediately following such an accident can make all the difference in your overall recovery.

Some of the steps to take after an accidental amputation are obvious. For example, everyone knows how to call 911 and request emergency assistance. Below are other steps to take after industrial workers’ accidents leave a worker with amputation injuries.

Disinfect your hands if possible and try to stop the bleeding. This involves elevating the affected area and applying steady pressure to the injury with a cloth. If blood soaks through the cloth, apply additional ones on top of the first cloth. If attempts to stop the bleeding through pressure fail, apply a tourniquet or a compression bandage and wait for emergency personnel.

It is also important to treat the victim for shock in the immediate wake of an amputation. You can do this by placing the victim flat and by elevating his or her feet approximately 12 inches. Keep the victim warm and as calm as possible until first responders arrive on the scene.

If industrial workers’ accidents have severely impacted your ability to function, you may be eligible for long-term benefits. It is wise to consult with an attorney to ensure you acquire the full amount of compensation you deserve following a severe work-related injury.