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Never overlook safety if you work in the construction industry

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2019 | Construction Accidents, Firm News |

If you are a member of Omaha’s construction industry, you already know the many serious hazards that come with the job. The risk of suffering catastrophic injuries or even death remains with you while you are performing your duties.

It is critical it is to keep dangerous safety hazards in mind. However, we have also seen how overlooking basic safety precautions can lead to unexpected injuries. Why are basic safety measures so important? We offer several examples in the following list.

  • Helps workers avoid complacency
  • Minor construction accidents can still cause serious injury
  • Reminds your co-workers and supervisors to think safely
  • Prevents an aura of carelessness from permeating the work environment

Keeping basic safety in mind can also aid you in preventing more serious construction accidents that could affect your ability to continue working. To start improving the way you think about workplace safety, review the following tips.

  • Be cautious when getting off or on large equipment to prevent falls and other mishaps
  • Carefully examine power tools, ladders, scaffolds and other equipment and never use them if damaged
  • Be mindful of your surroundings the entire time you are working to avoid injury hazards
  • Always stay clear of equipment or machinery while it is operating
  • Avoid using ladders that are not tall enough for the height at which you are working
  • Make sure safety measures are in place anytime you must work at elevated heights

If you do suffer either severe or minor injuries in a construction accident, remember to report the injury and file your workers’ comp claim as quickly as possible. An attorney can provide you with assistance if you have trouble accessing the benefits you deserve.

If you wish to learn more about construction accidents and your legal rights, continue to explore our Nebraska-based law firm’s website.