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Workplace injuries: Does your job expose you to asbestos?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries |

Unbeknownst to many workers in the Omaha region, some occupations expose its staff members to asbestos. Although government guidelines exist to regulate this dangerous substance, exposure can lead to workplace injuries in the form of illness. Remaining informed about the possible presence of asbestos can help you decide whether to remain in your current line of work or to seek employment in a different industry.

Before learning which industries use asbestos, it is vital to understand that help is available after suffering dangerous levels of exposure to the material. Workers’ compensation is one avenue to explore after falling ill from asbestos exposure. You can find other ways to pursue compensation for your workplace injuries and illnesses by consulting with an attorney.

Industries that may expose workers to potentially dangerous levels of asbestos include the following:

  • Shipyard and shipbuilding occupations
  • Some areas of the construction industry (e.g. installing insulation)
  • Mechanic jobs that involve repairing vehicle brake systems
  • Operations that involve the mining and milling of asbestos
  • Demolition industries, especially those involving drywall and asbestos removal
  • Industries centered on the manufacture of asbestos
  • Firefighters may also suffer from exposure to asbestos

Most people think compensation is only available for workplace injuries like broken bones or head wounds. As such, many sickened by asbestos do not get the treatment they need to fight their condition. Filing a workers’ compensation claim is just the first step in seeking treatment. If your illness worsens or becomes terminal, your attorney can help you pursue additional forms of government assistance to ensure that you continue receiving the health care you need.