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Nebraska grain elevator accident leaves 1 worker dead

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2019 | Firm News, Workplace Accident |

Employment in the grain industry comes with its share of unique risks. As you may imagine, handling and storing grain to help feed an entire nation is typically a very large operation requiring many workers and precise attention to safety. When a workplace accident in this industry occurs, the outcome rarely favors the victim.

A recent grain industry accident that occurred in Fremont, Nebraska, is one example of how dangerous this type of work can be. According to a news report, a 32-year-old worker lost his life after apparently falling into a massive grain storage container.

The story indicates that the victim was aboard a grain elevator when the fatal workplace accident occurred. He was reportedly working with another person who left his side for a few moments. When the co-worker returned, the victim was missing.

A team of firefighters engaged in a search and rescue, but their efforts were slow due to fears that a grain collapse might result in more injuries. In an operation lasting more than seven hours, members of the rescue team rappelled about 125 feet down into the storage bin. Unfortunately, the team did not locate the victim in time to prevent his death.

In the past, this blog has featured several posts about the dangers of working in the grain industry. Attorneys believe that addressing these difficult topics is important. In addition to relaying news about dangerous work conditions, talking about workplace accidents keeps workers aware of the risks.

These discussions also provide a platform upon which to inform surviving family members that workers’ compensation can help them cope financially when a loved one dies. Please consider speaking with a lawyer if you have lost someone you love in a fatal workplace accident.