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The many hazards associated with Nebraska’s agriculture industry

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2019 | Firm News, Workplace Accident |

The state of Nebraska is famous for its contributions to the American meat production industry. However, the state also contributes significantly to the national agriculture industry as well. Farming on a very large scale is not exactly a popular occupation, but it still attracts many workers looking for steady income. Unfortunately, the large-scale farming industry has many health hazards.

Those who work in the farming industry face dangerous conditions every day. Some of these workplace accident hazards are well-known. For example, accidents involving farming equipment are common and often result in severe injuries. However, farmworkers face serious health risks as well. Examples include:

  • Sun exposure. Agricultural workers spend many hours exposed to the harmful rays of the sun, which can lead to skin cancer.
  • Chemical exposure. Frequent use of and contact with pesticides and other chemicals can lead to serious illness or death.
  • Toxic dust exposure. Contact with different types of dust frequently causes respiratory conditions, many of them disabling to workers.
  • Noise exposure. Farm equipment is quite loud. Without proper ear protection, exposure to loud noises could lead to loss of hearing.
  • Heat exposure. Farm work is hot work, particularly during the summer months. Workers exposed to too much heat may suffer conditions like heat stress or heat exhaustion.

When a workplace accident causes an injury like a broken leg or arm, employees typically seek treatment right away through workers’ compensation. However, disorders arising from work in the agriculture industry may not manifest immediately, leading to problematic delays in treatment.

Employees often face difficulties when filing for benefits after suffering occupational illnesses. Working with an attorney can give ill employees a better chance of appealing a workers’ compensation claim denial. Schedule a legal consultation right away if you are having trouble accessing the benefits you are due.