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Can Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affect your everyday life?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2019 | Firm News |

Almost every worker in Nebraska engages in some type of repetitive motion. Whether you are a cashier, teacher, or anything in between, you likely use your hands often. Unfortunately, repetitive motion can cause you a lot of health problems. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a disease that involves soft tissue swelling and nerve damage. It is often caused by extended or improper use of your wrists and hands. For example, many writers or artists suffer from CTS. They use their hands for long periods of time almost daily and often do detail-intensive work. This strain and repetition can cause the wrist area to swell. The swelling is what leads to nerve damage. 

Nerve damage can be the root of many other problems. For example, nerve damage can cause perpetual pain in the affected area. This pain can be mild or it can be unbearable. It can be present at all times, or it may only show itself when you use your wrist in certain ways. 

Particularly severe cases of CTS require surgery to fix. Doctors may ask you to keep the affected area still, which can be difficult if your job requires motion. Regardless, you should note that the damage from CTS will not get better on its own. It will worsen if not treated and can get to the point of irreversible damage 

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