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How often do falls happen among workers?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2020 | Workplace Accident |

The construction industry in Nebraska hosts a number of risks in terms of fall incidents and injuries. But unfortunately, it is not the only field plagued by problems with falling. Almost every major branch of work has had falls before.

Which industries suffer from the highest rate of mortality? Which one has the highest rate of fall incidents? Are the same issues to blame in all fields?

Highest fatalities and injuries

The National Safety Council view statistics for falls in the workplace. This includes industries outside of construction. Construction still has the highest number of fatalities even compared to other industries. Of their 24,700 injuries in 2016, 384 of them resulted in the death of a worker. But they do not suffer from the highest number of incidents.

That title belongs to the field of government workers, who experienced 63,350 fall injuries in a year. On the other hand, they had a relatively low fatality rate. Of those injuries, there were 44 deaths.

Fewest fatalities and injuries

The lowest number of fatalities belongs to education and health services. Of their 43,660 injuries, they suffered from 18 casualties. The industry with the lowest number of total injuries was wholesale trade. They had 10,250 injuries, though they also suffered 21 fatalities.

As you can see, the one thing uniting these industries is the fact that fall incidents exist and continue to have some mortal risk to them. Unfortunately, the causes are similar in many cases, too. The lack of proper equipment and safety training leads to many injuries and deaths every year for all working class people.