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What leads to common back injuries on a construction site?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Workplace Injuries |

Whether you are carrying items or walking near a scaffold, you may encounter unforeseen problems on a construction site.

When you strain or hurt your back, these issues can increase. Learning about the ways that construction zones can be dangerous for your body can help you as you struggle with physical pain.

Crushing blows

According to the National Center for Construction Education and Research, getting stuck between two beams or pieces of equipment can lead to severe back injuries.

When you are walking near a vehicle or in an active area, a negligent driver can crush you between two hard surfaces. They may not see you approach or signal to stop, even if you try to get their attention.

Malfunctioning equipment

When the safety standards of your workplace do not meet the proper guidelines, you may face injuries after using unsafe pieces of equipment.

Since construction tools, such as nail guns, are often heavy enough and fast enough to cause serious physical harm. A misfunctioning item like this can leave you with long-term injuries. A vehicle can also accidentally eject you or drop you to the ground unexpectedly.

Unstable platforms and scaffolding

When walking on metal platforms, any small error during the construction of the scaffold can lead to it all falling down. A fall from any height can lead to serious back pain and even spinal cord injuries. Whether your workplace did not get a competent person to check the scaffold or a worker left items out where people walk, these oversights can lead to a collapse.

Staying aware of how dangerous construction zones are and why back injuries can happen in an instant is important for anyone working in these areas.