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Can you avoid the fatal four?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2023 | blog, Construction Accidents |

Prevention is often a key component in avoiding construction site injuries. While some accidents happen without mitigation, others may occur solely due to worker or workplace oversight.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) releases data on the top construction site risks and, in doing so, has created a list of the four deadliest accidents and how to prevent them.

Struck-by prevention

With a whole host of heavy machinery on any construction site, workers are constantly on the move, attending to their role in any given part of the job. This constant movement may result in some workers becoming hit or struck by large vehicles or objects. This is part of why many construction sites should require bright-colored clothing or vests to make workers on the ground stand out from those in vehicles.

Fall prevention

Workers must perform their function at varying heights off the ground. Scaffolding and ladder falls can lead to catastrophic head and back injuries. Safety harnesses and proper placement can help offset the risks of falls on sites.

Electrocution prevention

Standing water and electricity do not mix. With the prevalence of power tools and raw electrical wiring, construction sites are often an obstacle course of electrocution hazards waiting to happen. Keeping the worksite clear of debris and water, in addition to warning signs, can reduce this risk.

Trench failure prevention

Trenches are essential elements in many construction jobs. Workers must go inside and perform their jobs without fear of trench failure. Proper reinforcement of all trenches is the only way to prevent crush and caught incidents.

Construction sites are hazardous work environments, and remaining safe may come down to following basic safety rules.