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Repetitive strain injuries at work

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | blog, workers' compensation

Workplace injuries are a part of life, though they are more common in certain industries like agriculture and construction. One kind many individuals fail to consider or recognize as a workplace injury is the fairly common repetitive strain injury.

Caused by repetitive motions that consistently strain the same area, these can be minor or major, with treatment ranging from taking over-the-counter medicine to having surgery. In certain cases, RSIs qualify workers to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

RSIs as workplace injuries

Though more likely to arise in industries like manufacturing or delivery where employees have to perform the same task or lift heavy items repeatedly, they can develop RSIs in virtually every industry. In offices, typing can cause them, while the long periods of standing and tending to patients make nurses vulnerable to them. When individuals develop RSIs as a result of work duties and they prevent them from completing their tasks, they may qualify for workers’ compensation. These can cover medical expenses, lost wages, retraining programs and other associated costs.

Symptoms of RSIs

Indicators individuals have RSIs include burning, throbbing or aching, stiffness, muscle cramps and swelling. There may also be tingling, numbness or sudden weakness in the affected areas.  Examples of RSIs include carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff injuries and tendonitis.

RSIs can affect any worker who does repetitive physical actions, even ones that people do not generally consider heavy labor. When they are severe enough to be disabling, to force individuals out of work for a period or to keep them from performing the same duties as before, employees may qualify for workers’ benefits.

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