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The most common injury that teachers face in the workplace

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2023 | blog, workers' compensation |

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, data collected between 2015 and 2020 showed that slip-and-fall accidents were the most common injury event for elementary and secondary school workers, including teachers, and accounted for 67,700 injuries in total.

These alarming statistics shed light on slip-and-fall injuries, which are a significant occupational hazard faced by educators in the workplace. These injuries not only disrupt the well-being of educators but also affect their ability to provide quality education to their students.

Why are slip-and-fall injuries common among teachers?

Teachers spend a large portion of their day on their feet, moving around the classroom, and sometimes even dealing with spills, scattered school supplies and unruly students. The combination of multitasking, limited time, and a sometimes chaotic classroom environment can make them more susceptible to slip-and-fall accidents. Additionally, schools often have a wide variety of surfaces, from tile floors to carpets, which can become slippery when wet. In addition to being painful, slip-and-fall injuries are one of the leading causes of days off work due to an injury.

What can teachers do to prevent a slip-and-fall injury?

Preventing slips and falls among educators begins with raising awareness and taking proactive measures. Educators should receive training to recognize potential hazards and respond promptly to spills or slippery surfaces. Schools can contribute by installing non-slip flooring, ensuring adequate lighting, and placing warning signs where necessary. Educators should also wear appropriate footwear with slip-resistant soles.

Teachers play a huge role in shaping the future, so their well-being and safety should be a top priority.