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Back injuries are the result of overworking or impacting the back

Back injuries account for one out of five workplace injuries and illnesses. In most cases, these injuries can be avoided with the right safety precautions and arrangements. For example, wearing a lower back brace to help prevent strain from lifting.

A dropped tool on a construction site can be deadly

Struck-by hazards are high on the list of causes of death in the workplace in Nebraska and elsewhere. Reportedly, transportation accidents top the list of fatal workplace accidents, followed by violence in the workplace. Number three is contact made with equipment and objects -- most frequently involving individuals struck by falling objects. Falls were third on the list before emphasis programs led to more compliance with safety regulations, hence fewer fatalities.

You can get compensated for a slip-and-fall accident

Imagine being at work when you walk toward your office and trip over a loose piece of carpet. Or, perhaps you were walking into the building from your vehicle when you twisted your ankle and fell. Whatever happened, if the premises was dangerous and led to your injury, you should be able to seek workers' compensation for your injuries.

What kinds of personal protective equipment should you have?

When you work in construction, there are several different pieces of personal protective equipment that you should have on hand. For example, you should use safety glasses and face shields if there's a potential for objects to be airborne. When welding, working with electricity, cutting, grinding or performing other similar activities, the shield protects your eyes and face from injury.

Severe violator list could highlight worst workplaces in the U.S.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration doesn't have unlimited resources, so it's no surprise that it has to be very particular about the companies it pursues for violations. The federal safety agency has fewer than 1,850 inspectors around the United States who have to inspect and monitor a shocking 8 million workplaces; it's impossible to check each one.