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Basic safety precautions can prevent scaffold collapses

The construction industry is known for a significant percentage of fatalities resulting from falls every year. Many of these deaths result from falls off unsafe scaffolding structures. As a construction worker in Nebraska, you might even have had to cope with the trauma of seeing a co-worker fall to his or her death during a scaffold collapse.

How new safety rules impact workplace injury reporting

Just one year ago, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) added to its already-expansive citation protocol by as much as 80 percent. Now, under new regulations, employers must be even more conscientious about budgets and safety than ever before.

Beware, your job may leave you breathless

If you are one of the many young people who recently joined the work force of Nebraska, you may still be in the process of discovering the hazards inherent to the industry you chose. Regardless of whether you took on a summer job or aim to make this your career, without proper safety training, your life may be on the line. Remember, even if you are a rookie, you have a right to be safe.