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What are the costs of a wrongful death?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | workers' compensation |

Losing a loved one to a workplace accident is a shock on multiple fronts. The unexpected loss is an emotional blow that suddenly demands you navigate complex financial hurdles.

Workers’ compensation has a hand in helping with these costs, but it is important to know just how much goes into a wrongful death case.

Medical bills

If your loved one survived the initial accident, they probably had an ambulance ride and intensive hospital stay shortly after. Doctors employ a number of life-saving measures in spite of the severity because there may be a chance of recovery. This all comes at a cost, whether or not it is successful.

Funeral costs

Shortly after your loved one’s death comes the funeral. Many people have not saved the $8,500 that Arkansas funeral services with burials commonly run on the off-chance of a wrongful death in the family. Funeral homes do not typically perform services without pay and gathering that money on short notice may be stressful.

Lost income

Bear in mind that you are attempting to pay all of these costs without your loved one’s income. While this is not the same as a bill you need to pay, it is still a deficit to overcome in the aftermath.

These costs occur at one of the most devastating moments we never expected. It might feel impossible to navigate how costly your specific situation is or how much workers’ compensation may cover. It is important to learn more about your unique case and your options for pursuing compensation in this difficult time.